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Howard Olsen

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across dozens of industries sell with confidence.  Let us help you navigate the sales cycle and harness a natural, intuitive sales process you can easily learn and immediately apply.  Whether you're a sales professional, entrepreneur, engineer or business leader... we can equip you to maximize your sales interactions ... without pressure or friction.




  • The True Nature of Professional Selling
  • Professional Selling
  • Have You Got It In You? The Psychology of Successful Sales people
  • The Foundational Principles of Professional Selling
  • Foundational Principles
  • Selling is... And The Answer is ....?
  • Selling is...

Three Truths of Selling & 5 Critical Decisions


  • Truth No. 1
  • Truth No. 2 - 5 Critical Decisions
  • Truth No. 3 - The ask
  • Truths

Professionalism and Selling


  • Your Greatest Value
  • Your Greatest Value
  • Goal Setting
  • Professionalism & Selling
  • Likeability



  • The Dead Italian's Law - What's Pareto Got to Do With It?
  • Pareto Principle
  • Get In The Game - Mentally Preparing Yourself Before Each Call or Appointment
  • Getting in the Game 1
  • Getting in the Game 2
  • Getting in the Game 2
  • With Our Compliements - Dont Keep It Your Self
  • No Matter Your Product or Service, You're In The People Business
  • Customers Buy Outcomes Not Products or Services
  • What Outcome Are You Selling?

The Sales Meeting & Sales Blueprint


  • How to Run a Meeting
  • Outcomes - 4 Rules
  • Outcomes - 4 Rules
  • Catch & Release
  • Questions for Outcomes
  • Forming Questions
  • Questions Example
  • Sales Questions - Clarifying



  • Company Presentation
  • Four Questions - For Company Presentation
  • Four Questions - For Company Presentation
  • Sales Story
  • Visual Aids
  • Visual Aids

Features, Benefits & Responses


  • Introduction to Features, Benefits & Responses
  • Intro to FBR
  • The Poker Run
  • FBR Examples
  • FBR Worksheet
  • Cadillac FBRs

Closing and Price


  • How to Discuss Price
  • How to Discuss Price
  • The Closing Question
  • Mark Twain's Advice To Sales People

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Howard Olsen

Howard Olsen

Howard Olsen is The Sales Whisper and as Canada’s Leading Sales Communication Expert, no one knows how to get inside the mind of the customer better than he does. With a sales career that spans 3 decades and 20 plus countries, Howard cut his teeth in international logistics business as Global Account Director selling to and for Fortune 500 high tech firms.  He has over 400 Million in personal sales to his credit and along the way discovered he was just as good at coaching sales as he was making them.  Today, Howard is President of High Output Training Systems, a Boutique Sales Training & Consulting firm based in Vancouver, Canada and every year his powerful sales process and positive profit producing messages help thousands of sales people, Entrepreneurs and Business Professionals look through the eyes of their customers to build value and close sales without pressure or friction.  When he’s not on stage doing his thing, you can find him and his wife Michaela entertaining friends, grooving to funky music or winding around twisted roads on their much loved Harley; sometimes all at once!